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Name: Rob Perry
Location: www.myspace.com/robperry7
Posted On:Sun Oct 22 08:43:11 2006
Message:hey Andy- See you on November 17th :) Hope all is well!! ~Rob
Name: Tom Drannon
Posted On:Sat Sep 23 15:51:15 2006
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Name: Kristhe Pakala
Location: Cordova, TN.
Posted On:Wed Aug 9 23:52:31 2006
Message:Hello Dearest "Ole-Friend ": Your call today and our conversation was a "ray-of-sunshine " ... as always, though! I 'm soooooooo impressed with the music and truly believe that you just might have something "hot & happenin " there with this music and once again meet ... with much success!! I wish you the very best. You 're a very talented man... always was and always will be! Mr. Class President... I 'm proud of YOU! Your friend always...Kristhe :)
Name: chris ruleman
Posted On:Mon Jun 5 14:26:58 2006
Message:hello andy just saying hi from texas and will also say hi to your wife and three daughters. i used to live in memphis tenn.we went to church together and you helped me with my computer friends always chris. ps say hello to my brother sometime he lives one street behind you in bartlett
Name: Jim "Bubba " Harrison
Location: www.mrentertainmentusa.com
Posted On:Sun Jun 4 14:41:16 2006
Message:Hey, Buddy...I almost left without signing this! You are an articulate arranger, excellent musician, and possessed of one of the loudest voices I 've ever heard! Thanks for working with me in one of the hardest-working 50s-60s rock n ' soul OC bands ever - the Belairs, and I look forward to seeing you when and if you get to Californee ' ! -Bubba "Stonehenge " Harrison
Name: Andrew Loftus
Location: http://www.myspace.com/thereflections
Posted On:Fri Mar 31 00:52:24 2006
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Name: Indie Islands - The Indie Artist Paradise
Location: www.indieislands.com
Posted On:Mon Mar 27 17:02:07 2006
Message:Hey Andy - We were all just working on your album review - which will be in the April Issue of Indie Islands Monthly - written by PJ Engeman- in "The Wave Report " - Dude he loved your album, we KNEW he would - and we hope you enjoy gettin ' in the eMagazine again - man, you are talented! You deserve to get much more sales and expsoure and we hope the April 1st issue gives you some of that! Thanks a ton for mailing your CD to us! Indie Islands www.indiesurfboard.com
Name: Billy (Bill) Azlin
Location: Scenic Atoka, Tn.
Posted On:Sun Mar 5 06:53:12 2006
Message:Glad to see that you 've stayed on course, musically, that is! Just a short note to say HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Mark Kohler
Posted On:Thu Feb 23 14:31:16 2006
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Name: JAS
Posted On:Tue Feb 21 21:12:46 2006
Message:Hi Andy ,,,,, How`s things goin in yer neck of the woods? ...... Wait`ing on SPRING/Summer Heat Sun Warmth ,,,, O Sorry I was Dreaming ,,, AHHHHH!! ... ok now i`m gona take a Deep Breath Here! Cas I`m Dizzy ,,,,,, Jest Joke`n .... You have a Good`Week Bro! ......KTF
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