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Name: Gary Wilson
Posted On:Fri May 25 13:54:06 2007
Message:Greetings Andy! Just wanted to say hello to you! I was going through some old concert ticket stubs and I ran across a Kiss and Krokus ticket from (ahem) a few years ago! The main thing that I remember from Krokus was YOUR phenomenal bass playing! I remember being right in front of you that night and was crushed to learn that you had later quit the band. Watching you play and sing Midnite Maniac will stay with me forever. I will say i really enjoyed your website and it is good to see that you have remained an active musician! I will be seeking out some of your ealier work although I must say I never knew you were in Black Oak Arkansas. One of my best friends use to date Jim Dandy some time ago and I wonder if you ever keep up with those guys? Best of luck to you in the future Andy! Gary Wilson
Name: Owl
Posted On:Wed Mar 28 10:53:16 2007
Message: i am humbled and thankful To You Andy..! God Bless You and Yours Always and Forever..! What A Great Interview..! i saw this guestbook so i wanted to say.., HELLO..! Sincerely Owl
Name: Gary Allen
Location: www.distantfuturemusic.com/garyallen.html
Posted On:Fri Mar 16 23:50:18 2007
Message:Hey And, Gary Allen(Drums)here from the CDB and JJ Cale. We have a musicians jam twice monthly at our studio/rehearsal hall and would love to have you come play. Tamar Fleischman gave me your email. For more information www.musiciansjam.com If you send me your email I will add you on the address book for the newsletter we send out weekly. Thanks man and rock on...Gary Allen
Name: Gary Kelly
Location: Millington
Posted On:Tue Feb 6 09:30:46 2007
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Name: amber
Posted On:Fri Feb 2 11:39:46 2007
Message:Hey I seen on here where you were wondering where jeff klaven was. My husband worked with him in Nashville Tn. Dont know if he is still in area, but would love to find him also. we have a demo he gave husband and my daughter loves it. Good Luck hope this gives you a lead lol.
Name: Nancy Courtney
Posted On:Fri Dec 29 08:34:39 2006
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Name: Bruce
Location: http://brucesanders.textamerica.com/
Posted On:Mon Dec 18 13:31:37 2006
Message:Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family Andy. >> Bruce - Flippin, AR.
Name: Esteban
Posted On:Mon Dec 11 14:54:56 2006
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Name: Anne
Posted On:Sat Nov 25 23:12:17 2006
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Name: David P
Posted On:Mon Nov 13 15:46:04 2006
Message:HeY andy....your interview impressed me alot ....they played some of your good tunes.....anyhow the best of luck to you.....keep it up
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