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Name: Billy Hydeman
Location: Kansas City, Missouri
Posted On:Tue Dec 2 17:49:42 2008
Message:Dear Andy, Thank you for directing me to your site. It was awesome to read about your life. It brought back a lot of memories from the music I have grown up with and loved all my life. Thanks again! Billy
Name: Mark Kohler
Posted On:Thu Aug 7 03:13:53 2008
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Name: Buster McDivitt
Posted On:Wed Aug 6 15:00:17 2008
Message:Its been a long time since frayser man. The rathole days. Skateland! do you remember. I sure do.Yep the drugs didn 't get all of us.LOL. Maybe I 'll catch you @ pearls. See ya.
Name: teresa
Posted On:Sat May 31 17:40:42 2008
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Name: Shashona
Location: www.myspace.com/indishowcase
Posted On:Fri May 30 20:16:40 2008
Message:Hey Andy!! Love the website!! Loved your work in the past, but adore your work now. Keep em coming baby. We love you here at Indie Showcase and awesomeradio.net Shashona Owner - Indie Showcase Partner - awesomeradio.net
Name: Rockin Ron
Posted On:Sun May 11 18:37:48 2008
Message:Hi Andy!! Loved your work with Black Oak on Race with the Devil.
Name: Jennifer Brown
Posted On:Fri May 9 11:56:49 2008
Message:Hey andy, Just thought I 'd click on the link to your website and leave you a message!!! Love your pics! =) -Jennifer
Name: Philis
Posted On:Thu May 8 14:09:21 2008
Message:Hi Andy Was glad to meet you. Would love to here you sing sometimes. Thanks so much for coming to see my mother in the hospital. She enjoyed that. She is doing better now. I love your music. I know Teresa is crazy about you,So are we. Hope to see yall soon. SEE YA!!!!!! Philis
Name: Mike Bond
Location: www.bigfoamyhead.com
Posted On:Fri Jan 18 08:01:21 2008
Message:Andy, thanks for doing our Big Foamy Head Podcast. I hope you enjoyed the different beers as much as I did. I can 't wait for your book to come out and I look forward to hearing more of your music. Thanks again, Mike
Name: Jewell Davis
Posted On:Tue Jan 1 21:40:42 2008
Message:Oh, she said there were embarassing photos of her on here...can 't find 'em...lol
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