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Name: Dennis Smith
Posted On:Fri Oct 8 16:15:47 2010
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Name: Judi Browning
Posted On:Sun Sep 19 18:01:58 2010
Message:Like the website Andy.. a glimpse of what makes Andy tick.. so to speak.
Name: Jordan Garrison
Posted On:Thu Sep 16 06:13:08 2010
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Name: H J Cagle
Location: http://myspace.com/hjccustom
Posted On:Thu Jul 1 14:05:18 2010
Message:Hey Andy, Great to see you still playing after all these years. You are a very talented musician, and a hell of a nice guy. We 'll be keeping an eye out. JC
Name: Greg Simpson
Posted On:Sun May 2 16:24:41 2010
Message:I like your site. Really like the BOA images. Hopefully someday Race With the devil, and I 'd Rather Be Sailing will br out on cd.
Name: Susie Wood Varner
Posted On:Tue Jan 19 12:06:29 2010
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Name: chris r
Posted On:Sat Dec 19 21:11:01 2009
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Name: Bill Kumpe
Location: St. Louis, MO
Posted On:Thu Oct 29 06:21:29 2009
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Name: Booker
Location: www.bookertbooker.com
Posted On:Fri Oct 23 13:37:53 2009
Message:New BOA website! Come visit the new official site of Jim Dandy 's Black Oak Arkansas! Visit www.bookertbooker.com and check out what 's happening with Jim and the boys. The site is still under construction, but you can view the trailer for the new documentary "Big Rise, Huge Fall: The Real Story of Jim Dandy 's Black Oak Arkansas. Also, you can view some of Rickie Lee 's artwork, and get the latest info. There will be tons more new and never-before seen (or heard) info from Black Oak Arkansas. Visit often, as we are adding new info every day!
Name: Phil Stark
Location: Fort Smith, AR
Posted On:Mon Aug 17 10:48:55 2009
Message:Enjoyed your show at Eureka Springs. Enjoyed meeting you and thanks for the CD...even though I can 't read what you wrote on the CD. LOL! Hope to see you again....hopefully at Neumeiers in Fort Smith.
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