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Name: James Henderson
Posted On:Tue May 25 13:10:42 2004
Message:Hey Ange, Me & Curtis say "hey " thanks for taking us down memory lane. Some good pics I didn 't have and will add to my collection. Curtis thinks he can make some bucks off the pics.!!! Will talk at u later! Aloha......... Jimbo and Curtis
Name: Linda
Posted On:Sun May 23 03:51:08 2004
Message:Hello My Dear Friend: Did you think I forgot?..Your web site is truly outstanding..As your music always..And when you perform in Los Angeles.. I expect Comp tickets..and a back stage pass..Really great Andy..
Name: John Roth
Location: johnroth.com
Posted On:Mon May 17 10:45:41 2004
Message:Sounds awesome, Andy! Your site looks great, and the sounds are sweet!Keep it up!
Name: Bruce
Location: One row up
Posted On:Wed May 12 11:26:31 2004
Message:* Private Message *
Name: Chris House, Ignitors
Posted On:Tue May 11 10:53:35 2004
Message:Hey Ange - Your sight is absolutely awesome! Great job. Still listening to your CD every day. When we gonna have a cold one? Looking forward to seeing you on tour. Hey ta Nance and da kidz....
Name: Dougie Johnson
Posted On:Fri May 7 21:19:18 2004
Message:Wellsa bout time! The website looks great, your music was already great, and look forward to seeing and hearing more stuff from you! Youze Blessed, Andy!
Name: David "Big Daddy " Griffin
Posted On:Fri May 7 12:49:17 2004
Message:Well my brother let us see where this leg of the journey takes us.Just look to the left, study the wierd time keeping of my right foot, and the way he strokes the strings with the strength of ten men. (on Viagra) HA! I still say I am more excited than you that this material is out. I LOVE YOU MAN!!!
Name: Richard Cushing
Location: http://www.FreeWorldJams.com
Posted On:Fri May 7 09:10:39 2004
Message:Andy - Sweet website - ROCK ON!!!
Name: David Palmer
Posted On:Fri May 7 07:17:46 2004
Message:Good going Andy.....& good luck!!!!
Name: Zak
Location: England
Posted On:Fri May 7 00:40:19 2004
Message:Remember me? Good luck with the music and keep that V10 throbbing.
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