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Name: Jeremy
Posted On:Fri Aug 13 09:13:52 2004
Message:Hey Cousin! Great site! By the way, thanks for the help with my computer. I 'm not sure what I would have done without ya! One last thing, you were kidding about NEVER EVER pushing that one button on the keyboard, right? You know, the one that might crash the whole hard drive if I accidently @#*error^@#^*@#^*$)@error($)@($@$()@$&&@$&
Name: Sarge
Location: http://www.sarget.com/BOAdex.html
Posted On:Fri Aug 13 06:03:45 2004
Message:Andy, It was good hearing from you again. I 'm anxiously awaiting the CD in the mail. Jackie is a hard act to follow -) Thank you Jackie.
Name: Jackie (Jaswolf)
Location: http://www.bulletinboards.com/view.cfm?comcode=BOAMANT&loginpswd=*09/13/2001
Posted On:Thu Aug 12 08:31:51 2004
Message:Hey Andy ... Luv the site! And Yer Music ,,, HERE! Enjoyed yer Black Oak Stories ,,,,, And Pic`s Come over and see US when ya get the Chance ,,,, We`d luv to Hear yer BOA Stories there! ,,, LMAO! Jim told me he don`t care for computers... I Told him ,,,, hell JIM Thats Away we all can KEEP In Touch!!! ,,,, And Thanks for gettin with Sarge ,,,, With Out him i`d be lost ,,,, LOL! ..... And Timexxx I Agree Bro! .... There ya go Andy sum more Great Music ,,, You gota CHECK Out Timexxx`s Site! Way Cool! ...... KTF
Name: Timexx Nasty of DRIvIN ' RAIN
Location: www.drivinrain.net
Posted On:Thu Aug 12 03:35:24 2004
Message:Hey Andy! Cool new stuff, sounds alot like what Ron Keel is up to these days. Check out his band Iron Horse. You guys should do a show together some time. And have DRIvIN ' RAIN open! Cool site keep up the music!
Name: Steve Ekblad
Location: http://www.audiogrid.com
Posted On:Wed Aug 11 19:39:39 2004
Message:Hi Andy, You have a great new site to go with a remarkable new CD. I just finished a review of "Songs From The New South " at www.audiogrid.com/music. Your CD will be on my play list for a long time to come! Best regards - Steve Ekblad
Name: Susan
Posted On:Fri Jul 9 11:13:22 2004
Message:Hey, brother-in-law. I just wanted to let you know that your website looks great! Also, Nancy 's been keeping me updated on all the kudos your CD is getting -- that 's wonderful! All of your hard work is paying off. Keep hanging in there! Susan
Name: Charlene Lawrence
Location: Nashville, TN
Posted On:Wed Jun 30 06:59:27 2004
Message:Had a great time reliving the stories of Black Oak, especially the time frame that I was out with you all (even though I was never mentioned!!!)Totally remember the night the bus burned up as it started back in my bunk which was in front of the engine. Recall running thru the bus yelling for everyone to get out and then going back in to get my fox fur coat!!! I think we were on our way to spend a day off in New Orleans which obviously didn 't happen. Thanks for some great memories and remember you always promised me that I would have a job with you!!!!! Charlene
Name: James Henderson
Posted On:Tue May 25 13:10:42 2004
Message:Hey Ange, Me & Curtis say "hey " thanks for taking us down memory lane. Some good pics I didn 't have and will add to my collection. Curtis thinks he can make some bucks off the pics.!!! Will talk at u later! Aloha......... Jimbo and Curtis
Name: Linda
Posted On:Sun May 23 03:51:08 2004
Message:Hello My Dear Friend: Did you think I forgot?..Your web site is truly outstanding..As your music always..And when you perform in Los Angeles.. I expect Comp tickets..and a back stage pass..Really great Andy..
Name: John Roth
Location: johnroth.com
Posted On:Mon May 17 10:45:41 2004
Message:Sounds awesome, Andy! Your site looks great, and the sounds are sweet!Keep it up!
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