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Name: Pernath
Location: DownUnder
Posted On:Tue Nov 9 07:01:07 2004
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Name: Peter Lawrence
Location: Kalamzoo, MI, USA
Posted On:Fri Nov 5 04:34:02 2004
Message:What up Yo? Just writing to say "hi ". Mom and I were checking out your web site and we love the "Andyism ". Keep rocking, Your Cousin, Peter.
Name: Mick Trammel
Location: http://www.noproblemhere.com
Posted On:Sun Sep 12 00:23:24 2004
Message:Thanks so much for sharing the MP3s of "The Streets. " But even greater thanks for being such a good friend to Shawn and helping him launch a great music career. I hope only the best for you and your family. God bless, Mick Trammel http://www.noproblemhere.com "Shawn Lane Tribute Site "
Name: Sharon Sheppard
Location: Southaven, MS
Posted On:Fri Sep 3 00:32:41 2004
Message:I love your cd. Hurry up and get famous so I can tell everyone I know you!!
Name: brad
Location: so calif
Posted On:Fri Aug 27 06:13:28 2004
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Name: Terri Lynn
Location: http://www.mkoc.com/TerriLynn/
Posted On:Thu Aug 26 22:56:16 2004
Message:Hi Andy, Loved your songs. Enjoyed having you on the stage. Next time bring your charts and I 'll have the band back you. Anytime.....It was a pleasure... Terri Lynn
Name: tom (Roselle from the BOArd)
Posted On:Wed Aug 25 03:58:03 2004
Message:hey bro.....been given that CD of yours a good goin over. got a little bit of everything don 't it? well i guess you know how i find out about what you been up to. the BOArd. it be great if you could get up this way (NJ, NY) we got i great little club up here in Garwood, NJ called Cross Roads. made for music like yours. KTF
Name: Jackie (Jaswolf)
Location: http://www.bulletinboards.com/view.cfm?comcode=BOAMANT&loginpswd=*09/13/2001
Posted On:Mon Aug 23 12:03:57 2004
Message:HiYa SARGE ,,,,, Awww Thanks Hey I could`nt do it with out ya BRO! ,,, i`d Be LOST!,,, LOL! After I get moved South ,,, Andy I wanta get yer CD also ,,, (TY) Sarge for the input on his CD! I`ll need sum new jamms to listen to this winter! ,,,,, In my new SURROUNDIN`s!!!!!!!!
Name: Linda (BOA)
Location: www.the-fuze.com
Posted On:Sun Aug 15 06:18:56 2004
Message:Hey Andy, it 's been awhile. We had been meaning to call you back after talking to you about Shawn 's funeral arrangments. We 'll have to catch up soon. Check out one of my new projects. Maybe we 'll have to see about doing an interview with you. www.the-fuze.com Jeff says hi and next time we 're in Memphis we 'll get together again. Take care, Linda & Jeff Erbe
Name: Jeremy
Posted On:Fri Aug 13 09:13:52 2004
Message:Hey Cousin! Great site! By the way, thanks for the help with my computer. I 'm not sure what I would have done without ya! One last thing, you were kidding about NEVER EVER pushing that one button on the keyboard, right? You know, the one that might crash the whole hard drive if I accidently @#*error^@#^*@#^*$)@error($)@($@$()@$&&@$&
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