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Name: Jackie (Jas)
Posted On:Thu Nov 18 23:34:14 2004
Message:Hi Rock~in Ron .... Hey Andy I was wantin to get yer CD ,,,, but i don`t use paypal or ccards ,,,, would a check or money order do? ,,,, Hello Mr TDV ..... R U Follow`in me!? ,,,, LOL Jest kiddin!
Name: Bob Chisolm
Location: http://www.hometown.aol.com/topdownvette/BOA.html
Posted On:Tue Nov 16 17:07:40 2004
Message:Andy, Hey man... really appreciate your contributions to that Black Oak Arkansas bulliten board. Not many bulliten boards get this kind of priviledge. Thanks for the keystrokes and sharing your memories.
Name: Rockin Ron
Posted On:Tue Nov 16 16:07:35 2004
Message:Hi Andy! Just checking out your site. Hi Jas! See you came here too! I 'm just an old Black Oak fan visiting.
Name: Jas (Jackie)
Posted On:Mon Nov 15 22:35:02 2004
Message:Hi Andy ,,, sure was good hearin from ya on the BOArd,,,, great story bout JD an Geronimo ..... TY! .... Do you keep in touch with JD an Rickie and the other?! .... If Not Ya should ,,, sounds like ya`all would havea blast talkin bout them old dazes! .... KTF
Name: Pernath
Location: DownUnder
Posted On:Tue Nov 9 07:01:07 2004
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Name: Peter Lawrence
Location: Kalamzoo, MI, USA
Posted On:Fri Nov 5 04:34:02 2004
Message:What up Yo? Just writing to say "hi ". Mom and I were checking out your web site and we love the "Andyism ". Keep rocking, Your Cousin, Peter.
Name: Mick Trammel
Location: http://www.noproblemhere.com
Posted On:Sun Sep 12 00:23:24 2004
Message:Thanks so much for sharing the MP3s of "The Streets. " But even greater thanks for being such a good friend to Shawn and helping him launch a great music career. I hope only the best for you and your family. God bless, Mick Trammel http://www.noproblemhere.com "Shawn Lane Tribute Site "
Name: Sharon Sheppard
Location: Southaven, MS
Posted On:Fri Sep 3 00:32:41 2004
Message:I love your cd. Hurry up and get famous so I can tell everyone I know you!!
Name: brad
Location: so calif
Posted On:Fri Aug 27 06:13:28 2004
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Name: Terri Lynn
Location: http://www.mkoc.com/TerriLynn/
Posted On:Thu Aug 26 22:56:16 2004
Message:Hi Andy, Loved your songs. Enjoyed having you on the stage. Next time bring your charts and I 'll have the band back you. Anytime.....It was a pleasure... Terri Lynn
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