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Name: Diana & Rick Hancock
Posted On:Tue Mar 22 08:41:40 2005
Message:Hey Andy, Like the new Hair do! May God Bless your production of the CD and Bless you with many sales. God is always Large and In Charge and He knows your heart. "Lord, make us a singing, celebrating and reverent people " Psalm 100 Your Friends from Community Bible Church Memphis, TN Rick and Diana Hancock
Name: Mark Burgess
Posted On:Mon Mar 21 08:49:45 2005
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Name: Big Kassie Fan
Posted On:Sun Mar 20 19:53:54 2005
Message:Well honestly only checked out your site to see what you said about Kassie. I love kassie singing, but anyway visiting your site I like your stuff too. Not quite ready to take horndog as a compliment no matter what you think you mean, but anyway good luck with everything except of course this poll. I enjoy your sound.
Name: DavidLP
Location: Memphis
Posted On:Tue Mar 15 10:32:55 2005
Message:Keep the great work up....love the new CD
Location: ?
Posted On:Tue Mar 15 06:43:09 2005
Message:It would not let me post the reason you are behind in poll. At www.boards.soapcentral.com there is a message at OLTL forum about help Kassie win. I didn 't read all the messages,at this forum she seems to have more fans.But i have seen mostly at other forums her singing made fun of. She must have in her contract Blair sings X amount of times. We hear her more than others that have much better voices.
Name: Blair fan
Posted On:Thu Mar 10 16:34:11 2005
Message:I also dont agree the way you spoke of Kassie. She is an artist just like you are and i think you show her some respect. You dont see her talking about you on her site do you?
Name: Jersey
Posted On:Thu Mar 10 12:36:55 2005
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Name: DP
Posted On:Wed Mar 9 05:49:25 2005
Message:Andy, you know you can count on me for my vote!The Ozarks are fixin to bud out , Spring is almost here! I really like your website,lots of nostalgia, plus you are making waves now and in the future!! As we say in Mtn. Home, "Carry on Dude " More Votes for Tanas to follow!!! DP
Name: KassieFanAlways
Posted On:Tue Mar 8 19:32:23 2005
Message:I don 't think that way you talked about Kassie was nice at all. She has a lot of talents, and I don 't like you bringing her down just because she is on a soap. And fans of Kassie are voting for her cause they like her music. But hey in a awesome horror movie, acted in OLTL for almost 12 years and nominated, and two cd 's, that 's Nominated Soap Babe to you.
Name: KassieFan
Posted On:Tue Mar 8 18:46:49 2005
Message:You can start speaking badly of Kassie when you get an emmy nomination.
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