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Name: Vet
Location: http://www.veterans-day.org
Posted On:Sat Jan 7 11:46:14 2006
Message:Excellent Site and Music! ~ Thanks for the visit ....
Name: Annette Azlin
Location: Nashville Tennessee
Posted On:Fri Dec 30 14:20:19 2005
Message:Andy!! It was wonderful to see you on classmates. I have thought about you a million times. I still have to scar on my shin from playing frisbee with you. How are you? Great I hope. I am in nashville & have been here 20 years. I sell real estate. Been single 21 years. Married 2 times. Been engaged 5 times since being in nashville, my follow through leaves alot to be desired!! So, how are you? what have you been doing? Do you ever play anywhere around here?
Name: Bruce Sanders
Location: http://brucevinny.textamerica.com/
Posted On:Fri Dec 16 11:50:47 2005
Message:Andy, it 's only been 26 years, wow! That summer of '79 when I worked as a roadie for BOA was very memorable. You were a great person to be around. I 'm living in the Ozarks in north central Arkansas, life is good. Hope you are doing well. Merry Christmas!
Name: flash
Posted On:Tue Dec 13 16:15:12 2005
Message:andy................. I 'm still alive and well How.s james ? the family ? Stokes
Name: La 'Reca (from Community)
Posted On:Wed Nov 23 19:05:13 2005
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Name: JAS
Location: http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendID=8694981&Mytoken=A9BB1FFF-9F9F-EDE7-35226DF4D84F4FD022514470
Posted On:Mon Oct 31 20:49:40 2005
Message:Andy ,,, Jest stopped in to say HELLO! Hope All`s Well with Ya`.... Stop By MySpace sum time and say High`Ya! .... Happy Halloween Bro!.......KTF
Name: Barbara Hendon
Posted On:Mon Oct 10 19:28:23 2005
Message:Andy, I enjoyed reading about your days with BOA. I met the band (including you I 'm sure) in Abilene, TX in the Spring of 1978 while working as a back-stage hostess. I ended up going to dinner with Joel Williams after the show and we stayed in touch for several months by writing letters (I still have them). I always wondered where he ended up. Thanks for refreshing my memory of what he looked like after almost 30 years.
Name: Vicki Pannell Harrison
Posted On:Wed Oct 5 22:20:31 2005
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Name: Atanas Dimitrov
Posted On:Thu Sep 8 13:52:35 2005
Message:Subject: The Greatest Fan in Bulgaria ! Hi, Andy ! I 'm your greatest fan here in Bulgaria - at the other side of the globe ! I love your music ! I want to see u in tour here in the Balkans !But that 's not possible at the moment ! How can i recieve an autographed picture fron u ? I hope to see u in concert here in Bulgaria soonnn !!!!!!!!!!!!! Atanas
Name: Kenny Hays
Location: Memphis
Posted On:Fri Aug 12 10:27:27 2005
Message:Andy, Just want to say how much we all enjoyed getting to play music with you at Kudzu 's. Nice to a hear a pro at work. Hope to get the chance again soon. Kenny
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