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Name: JAS
Posted On:Tue Feb 21 21:12:46 2006
Message:Hi Andy ,,,,, How`s things goin in yer neck of the woods? ...... Wait`ing on SPRING/Summer Heat Sun Warmth ,,,, O Sorry I was Dreaming ,,, AHHHHH!! ... ok now i`m gona take a Deep Breath Here! Cas I`m Dizzy ,,,,,, Jest Joke`n .... You have a Good`Week Bro! ......KTF
Name: Graham Perry
Location: www.tucsonsimpson.com
Posted On:Thu Feb 16 16:55:55 2006
Message:I FINALLY got around to exploring the site! Andy Tanas, the true Master of Ceremonies. I 'm honored to be performing with this man! Graham
Posted On:Sun Feb 5 11:00:20 2006
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Posted On:Sun Feb 5 10:59:53 2006
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Name: Bruce Sanders
Location: http://brucevinny.textamerica.com/
Posted On:Fri Feb 3 12:57:14 2006
Message:Andy: Got the CD and I 'm really enjoying it! The song Stone Fields, very moving, one of my favorites.. Thanks for putting out good material! KTF-Bruce
Name: candace (candy)
Location: yahoo?
Posted On:Thu Jan 26 20:28:28 2006
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Name: AKA~Jas
Posted On:Thu Jan 12 20:07:11 2006
Message:HEY YOU! .... LOL! Have`nt stoppin in here in a while ..... Jest wanted to Say HIGH~There Andy!!! .....heehee .... -)
Name: Dean Grein
Posted On:Sun Jan 8 13:10:03 2006
Message: Hey Andy!! I am another classmate (Frayser High Class of '73) from Memphis and like you, "escaped " Memphis right out of high school. Only difference is you went back!! I moved to the Biloxi, MS area and just survived the "hurricane to end all hurricanes. " I have an entirely new look at what the Lord may do to you if you choose not to live your life his way!! Great site and I look forward to greater and greater things for you and your family.
Name: Vet
Location: http://www.veterans-day.org
Posted On:Sat Jan 7 11:46:14 2006
Message:Excellent Site and Music! ~ Thanks for the visit ....
Name: Annette Azlin
Location: Nashville Tennessee
Posted On:Fri Dec 30 14:20:19 2005
Message:Andy!! It was wonderful to see you on classmates. I have thought about you a million times. I still have to scar on my shin from playing frisbee with you. How are you? Great I hope. I am in nashville & have been here 20 years. I sell real estate. Been single 21 years. Married 2 times. Been engaged 5 times since being in nashville, my follow through leaves alot to be desired!! So, how are you? what have you been doing? Do you ever play anywhere around here?
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