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By 1993 The Rompers were playing pretty steady and had a pretty cool fan base. In November of 1992 my mom called me and told me there were some lumps on her head and a lot of pain in her hip area. She said there was no reason to be alarmed and would keep me informed when she knew something. They didn't find the cancer until February of 1993. By then she was too far gone to help. I made a decision to leave California and go back home to Memphis. It was stressful and very expensive to live there. The riots of 92 didn't help any either. I started having brutal anxiety attacks in 92 and nothing seemed to help them. So between the earthquakes, fires, traffic, mudslides, gangs and OJ Simpson I was ready to go home. She was going to need a lot of help and I was the oldest and best one to do it. So The Rompers disbanded. Me and my girlfriend Derrina left for Memphis May 16, 1993. We drove an 87 Ford Bronco II pulling a U-Haul trailer. It took us four days of driving and seeing sights to get back home.
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