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I saved up as much money as possible and recorded a four-song ep in 1989 that I thought was close to what I was trying to do. I got nowhere in LA but did get some notice and a little airplay down south. So after the last firing from The Belairs in 89 I decided to try the band thing one more time. I met this guy named Chris Jules through a Recycler ad. He was in a band called The Orphans. They were doing blues and classic rock and really lame at both. That band folded but Chris and I got to be good friends and started working on this band idea. I knew this drummer from this Elvis impersonator I worked with named Kurt Kaiser. He knew this guitarist named Jason Winslow. We got together once and The Rompers were formed. The Rompers, 1991. From left, Chris Jules, me, Kurt Kaiser and Jason Winslow.
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