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I got a call from LD Glover who had been the tour manager for Krokus since about late 1980. He asked me if I was interested in maybe playing bass for them. There was some trouble between them and the bass player Chris Von Rohr. I had met them a couple of times before when they came through LA. I was real honest with LD because he was a close friend and pretty easy to talk to. I told him it didn't sound that appealing because I just wasn't into music that heavy and dark. He understood and said if I change my mind to give him a call. In July of 1984 he called back and offered me the same thing. He said that the band was changing their image and wasn't doing the "dark thing" anymore. Now by this time the company I worked for was almost belly up. My marriage was on real shaky ground. So it sounded pretty exciting. There was a huge movement of bands like this and MTV was hot on them. So I flew to New York and jammed with them the next day. We hit it off and I was on a stage the next day filming the video for "Ballroom Blitz". I had a cassette of the record and it was pretty different than what they were doing before. If I had stayed in California I had this feeling that I was going to end up divorced and out of a job. Plus they were pretty excited about the more positive direction they were taking so it seemed like a good idea at the time.
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