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In 1982-83 I did a very short stint with Legs Diamond. We did some shows together in 79. Great guys and a lot of fun. Now this is funny and Jeff Poole still gives me grief about it. When I left I told them that I didn't want to play music that heavy anymore. Jeff saw me on Sunset Blvd. One day and comes up screaming "Krokus? You left us to go play with Krokus? I don't want to play music that heavy any more? So you join Krokus?" Back to 1983...so this producer friend of mine asks me to come and play with this band he's working with called The Pastels. It was a real rootsy country/rock band based around this singer/guitarist named Jon Bertini. He wrote great songs and had a real clean kind of aggressive country approach to guitar playing. Now this was 1983-84 and there wasn't a whole lot of these bands around Hollywood at the time. My day job sucked so this was something I really looked forward to doing two or three times a week.
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