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LD Glover, Jimmy Henderson and myself moved to LA the first week of January 1980. The plan was to either revive The Streets or try and get something going on with this singer named Jon Hyde. Jon had been the drummer in Detective with Michael Monarch and Michael Des Barres. Butch had brought out a very cool singer/guitarist named Dave Amato from the Boston area. None of this panned out so Dave, Jimmy H. and I formed a band called USA with a monster drummer named Danny McBride. This fell apart as well after Jimmy left to play with George Faber from Illinois. Dave went on to play with Cher, Richie Sambora and a lot of others. He's been with REO Speedwagon for a few years now. I got a day job for the first time in three years. LA is a tough competitive town when it comes to entertainment. They eat guys like me for breakfast out there. I did a lot of auditioning, schmoozing, boozing and hanging out in the right and wrong places. I'd pick up a session now and then but I'm really not a session guy because I don't think in straight conventional terms of "playing what fits the record" or having that same bass tone that I've heard since the early seventies. So there was this year or so period of being null and void. I did meet a lot of women though. Girls in LA love southern boys.
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