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look ma...ah'm in a bayund!

Don't quit your day job, ok! Was this an omen of things to come? This is funny and a deep look into the bowels of Frayser. I entered the talent show at my school at the last minute and won second place singing a John Sebastian song called "How Have You Been". I honestly never expected to win and was beat out of first place by a pianist who played Rachmaninoff. Go figure. So they give me a little trophy and I'm elated. Mostly over being told one of the few times that I don't suck. So there's this blonde girl named Joan who was stacked and flirted with me in civics class alot. I see her at the back of the auditorium smiling and start running to her to show her my prize and maybe flirt some. Out of the blue this guy (we'll call him Rat Pellet) comes out of no where and slugs me in the jaw. He hit me so hard that I fell over some chairs and was disoriented for a few minutes. I remember Joan screaming at him to leave me alone. Mr. Pellet had no reason for this. He just couldn't stand the idea of me having that moment. So I went to the Mid South Fair and lost to a tap dancer. My mom says I lost because I flashed a peace symbol to the judges. So what. I've got this certificate and that's all that matters.
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